Uncle Jessey

Uncle Jessey sadly passed away in 1999, at the ripe old age of 93. In honour of him, and his hobby (and passion!) this website was created in his memory. Jessey made Moonshine since the 60's for his own consumption, in his little wooden shed at the bottom of his garden. As well as the shed being a good spot to hide from 'er indoors, his beloved wife Margaret, god rest her sole, it was a place where we all used to visit and chat with Uncle about his good ol' days, alongside a little tipple of course, and BOY! did it pack a punch.  Christmas and other family celebrations and get togethers really went with a swing with Jesseys' home-made whisky and gin.. It was so simple to do, and with little effort too.

Good Old Uncle Jessey left all his recipes and plans to me, and it has taken some doing, but I want to present them all to share with the world, within this website.


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