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Beer is made simply by fermenting any grain starch. Liquor/spirits are made by removing water from the base material. If you distil beer you have whiskey, wine produces brandy, potato mash will wield vodka.  All that is required is a source of heat, a cooking vessel, and some sort of cooling element.

The principle is that water boils (i.e. becomes vapour) at 100 degrees Celsius, yet alcohol  will boil at approx. 73 degrees Celsius. If a liquid contains both water and alcohol and is heated to a temperature somewhere between these boiling points then it is possible to drive off the alcohol and leave the water behind. So you have to find a way to collect the vapour separately, which is the resulting alcohol.

The simplest method is to place your mash into a container and heat it. The plan we use consists of two containers, one smaller than the other so that it sits inside the larger one, on a platform approx. 2 inches off the base level.. The larger container is sealed, containing the smaller container inside. The mash sits inside the smaller container. An aquarium heater is sealed into the mash and switched on, and the mash starts to heat. As the temperature reaches the correct level, the alcoholic vapour rises, and collects on the walls of the larger container (those that are the coolest), and drips into the bottom of the large container. So long as the temperature is not allowed to increase, the water will remain in the smaller container, and the alcohol will be collected in the larger.  This is one of the easiest, simplest and cheapest methods to use.

The information contained in this entire website is purely informative and educational. In no way is this document meant to persuade people to produce illegal alcohol. Please check the law and legality of your own country prior to undertaking any aspect of the website.



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