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Aromatic vinegars are made from cider vinegar in which the fruit or plant has macerated for at least 6 weeks in slow heat. Maple vinegar makes a five star vinaigrette, and is superb in marinades. With the exception of Wild Plum which is most often used in cooking, all are popular in vinaigrettes and for cooking.

Chokecherry Vinegar
Labrador Tea Vinegar
Maple Vinegar
Saskatoon Vinegar
Wild Plum Vinegar

Other vinegars are produced from other wild foods

The basic technique used to make herbal vinegar is to fill a glass jar with herbs and other seasonings, cover with warmed vinegar and allow the flavours to mingle for 1-2 months. The herbs are then strained out and several fresh herb leaves added as decoration. Be sure that all herbs are completely dry before combining with the vinegar. If not, you will be more likely to get unsightly precipitates in the vinegar. All vegetable matter MUST be covered with vinegar. Hot peppers food photography sometimes float and need to be threaded on a wooden skewer to keep them submerged. The easiest way to warm vinegar is to place it in the sun for 15 minutes. It may also be simmered on the stove but do not let it boil.

Can apple cider vinegar help lose weight in menopause?

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