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Within this site, you will find all you need to know about how to distil and create your own moonshine, or in other words, how to make your own liquor at home (for your own personal consumption). We have moonshine plans showing you how to build your own Moonshine Still, the equipment and accessories that you will need to collect before you start. We will include facts about Home Distillation, pictures of Moonshine Stills together with mash and moonshine recipes and liquor recipes and a note of all the equipment that you need to build a simple, safe, cheap and effective moonshine setup. Step by Step, from the build of the Still, creation of the mash, distillation, purification through to the drinking stage. You will find that the results are perfect! Just like my old Uncle Jessey used to make in years gone by.

We will also be adding in time, diagnostic distillation tools and columns information, and we will be looking to become more technical when we discuss reflux stills, fuel bi-products as a result of distillation, we will be adding more pictures of different moonshine still setups, old and new from copper to plastic stills, pot stills, easy stills, back yard stills etc etc.. and even more ambitious we will be offering advice on distillation and how to create perfumes and oil essences, packed fractional distillation columns, temperature Vs volume curves in distillation of ethanol-water, fractional distillation of an acetone toluene mixture, racing fuel distillation curves the theory behind boeing moonshine and lots more, so bookmark this site and watch this space...


I hope you enjoy creating your own alcohol, just as much as Jessey did, and I am certain that you will enjoy drinking it too. With a little adaptation and thought, you may well even create your own alcohol recipes and flavours.


Cheers uncle Jessey 



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